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“Training with Sarah Scholl has been one of the most, if not the most important things I have ever done to improve my game. Not only have her workouts helped with speed, endurance and strength, but her knowledge has steered me through injuries and prevented them altogether. Sarah was always available for advice, whether it be nutritional, athletic or personal, and as a client of hers I always felt extremely valued. I will certainly miss training with Sarah, but I am excited to see her incredible strength and dedication take her to the top. She is an incredible athlete, and the way she trains her clients clearly reflects that. She will push you past your limits into realms of sweat and intensity you didn’t know existed, but every second you train with Sarah pays off. Sarah allowed me to gain a physical edge in my athletic career. Anybody lucky enough to get the opportunity to train with her, should seize it.”
— Olivia Hompe, D-1 Lacrosse, Princeton University ( First team All-Ive League)

I have worked out with Sarah Scholl for 4 years now. The workouts are always high intensity and faced paced, also very efficient. I believe that kept me injury free during the season and made me stronger and faster in the off season. Every workout is something different that targets a certain area in your body. Working out with Sarah is one of the biggest factors why I have been able to excel in lacrosse and football. Without her I would not have been recruited to play D1 lacrosse.
— Mike Kraus, D1 lacrosse player heading to UVA

Sarah’s training has brought my soccer and running to the next level. She has made me a stronger, faster and overall better athlete. She helped
me prepare for the physicality of BigTen soccer. Sarah has pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. Her training has not only helped me come back
stronger from injury, but has helped me prevent injuries. Her training is extremely tough, but incredibly rewarding!
— Caroline Murray, professional soccer player

Last night was the first real opportunity I had to benchmark any improvements my body has made since we first started training over a month ago, to say the least I was chomping on at the bit to get on the field. I was not let down, not only did I notice a significant difference in my explosiveness and speed, but after two hours of playing, I noticed my legs had yet to tire.

Having had 3 major knee surgeries, a common issue I encounter after playing is soreness, swelling, and stiffness in my knees that starts immediately following playing and it lasts for a day or two. I was amazed after leaving the field, noticing my legs, especially my knees, felt as fresh as when I started. Needless to say, I’ll be back at your gym tonight for another session!
— Marc A. DiGiovanni, Pro Larosse player

Michael had the game of his life!! He was on FIRE! Unstoppable…. and his team is now in 1st place going into the playoffs! It was a huge game!
He plays center on offense and Defensive End on defense. He is also the team punter. He had 5 sacks, a fumble recovery, and punted four times..he averaged 40 yards per punt!

My husband and my dad were talking about you all day yesterday….Michael’s speed, endurance, and leg strength is all BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!! He loves working out with you….now, if I could just get him to put some weight on…!!!! But Sarah, he was THE MAN on Saturday night!!! Thanks again for all you have done…and will continue to do for Michael…he loves training with you!!!
— Michael O'Malley, High School Baseball player